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Izzys Character Sheet For Princess Bar

Name: Hizkiel
Codename: Doesn't have one
Aliases: Izzy is his nickname
Age: appears at 25 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 218 pounds
Eyes: Gray when appearing human
Hair: Long red hair, kind of looks like dred locks falls about down to the middle of his back. Usually has the bangs tied
up on top of his head to keep it out of his eyes
Other distinguishing features: Pale and thin and almost always looks as if he just got out of a fight (bloody nose and black
eye). Has large black wings.
Powers: Some mental powers, he can stop a person momentarily so long as he maintains concentration on that target.
Can render a person unconscious it's a mental power that can only be used by physical contact. He actually has to have
contact through touch to use it. Has slight telepathic abilities through Gabriel. He's an angel of fire, he can cause minor
explosions, though no real fire. The explosion, however, is a purifying one, a holy fire.
Skills: His real skill lies in his extraordinarily fast reflexes and above normal strength. These are things he uses in tandem with
his skill in weapons. He's very well versed in knives, daggers, and swords and is wicked with a gun.
Personality: He's crazy... nuts.... completely coo coo with a tendency towards violent outbursts for no reason and says off
the wall stuff that seems perfectly normal to him. He's usually rather quiet when Gabriel is around, but has an intensity, a
wild look in his eyes. He is extremely overprotective of people he likes.
History: He's Gabriel's shadow, always present when Gabriel is around since he was created. It's the only thing he's ever
done and he isn't exactly right in the head because of it (well he probably wasn't right in the head to begin with). Being
who he is he has a mysterious past.
Battle Suit (if any): None
Occupation (current and former): Standing behind Gabriel looking threatening (is that an occupation? With Gabriel, yes)
His occupation at all times and for the rest of time is to guard Gabriel (or guard everyone else from Gabriel, no one is
Birthplace: He won't say
Birthdate: Slightly after the beginning of time
Marital Status: single (?)
Known Relatives: none
Other Features: Eyes appear a soft white light when he's not paying attention to his appearance. Has a strange looking
tattoo on the back of his neck.
Weapons: Usually pretty loaded down with knives, guns, and swords, a few grenades, daggers, there's been rumors of a
rocket launcher... in seriousness, he usually keeps a number of knives and daggers where they can be easily hidden, a
sword, and a semi automatic pistol.
Legal status (i.e. citizen): None, nope, he doesn't.
Group affiliation: At present, his only affiliation is to Gabriel
Base of operations: Everywhere
Special Limitations: Hizkiel's biggest weakness is his overprotectivness of Gabriel. He doesn't always readily admit to it, but
he's a bit insane (oh, just a LITTLE bit) which limits his ability to act rationally at times.

Usually dressed all in black, trench coat, long sleeved t shirt, cargo pants and combat boots, his clothing style rarely
changes, though he will sometimes lose the trench coat in favor of a black leather biker jacket, or no coat or jacket at all.
He's a bit of a looming presence and enjoys putting people on edge.

Though he's particularly durable, he can be harmed. Poisons and such do not affect him, but things like corrosives can
slow him down but won't do much damage to him. You can injure him, but nothing really seems to affect him. Once he's
going, he's going, he ignores pain. He has an extremely high pain threshold as it is. He can be harmed, it's just not easy.

----Power Ratings----
Strength: 3
Agility: 6 - significantly beyond the natural limits of the human body
Reflexes: 6 - virtually instantaneous
Speed: 2 - Normal
Stamina: 5 - Able to sustain for a day
Durability: 5 - able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, and virtually all toxins, corrosives, punctures and
concussions without sustaining injury. There's limits to this, see above.
Fighting Ability: 5 - Master of one form of combat (proficient in swords and knives, good at hand to hand, not too shabby
with a gun)
Intelligence: 3 - Above average
Mental Abilities: 3 - Compounded mind powers (strong one power or 2 powers)
Energy Projection: 3 - Power equal to that of a hand grenade

Don't hate me cause I'm beautifu-err crazy

A bit more about Izzy

Izzy's answers to the Character Quiz.

What's your character's favorite color?
Blood red. Not because of blood though, actually closer to burgundy.

Whats your character's favorite fruit?

What's your character's favorite song?
Skinny Puppy: Candle

If your character could be any other occupation than he/she is, what would that be?
He wouldn't, it's just not possible. Well, actually, he's thought about being a fireman, it sounds like fun to him.

What does your character fear the most?
Having nothing to beat up. (Stop being so two dimensional, Izzy!)

What does your character love the most (object, activity, ect.)?
Besides beating things up, Izzy actually likes being active, he really enjoys constant movement.

What is your character's driving force?

What animal does your character identify with?
Crows, because they are protectors.

Who is your character's favorite author?
Izzy likes comic books. But he's been known to read 40's detective novels as well.

Who does your character admire most?
I don't know, honestly. Hizkiel can be very unaware of others.

Where was your character born? (I don't know why I'm putting this question in here, except for the humans)

What element is your character's personality (Natural element, metal, or the classic elements fire ect.)?
Izzy is fire too, but unlike Michael, he has a constant spark that's just itching to ignite.

What is your character's scent? (natural scent, not perfume, for humans, what kind of scent does thier personality remind people of? Such as, Bril says Chloe has a personality scent of Lavender, it's usually the type perfumes she wears and the way her apartment smells)
Under the smell of blood... Tuberose (Complex, exotic, sweet, floral), strikes one as odd, huh?

What is your character's nickname?

Generaly Izzy, Gabriel calls him Precious sometimes, most call him crazy.

does the goth dance

And this ain't me...
Hold myself down with a knife to my throat
And this ain't me...
Standing alone as the drugs start to work.

Sa'vaun shon et

How Izzy came to be

I was trying to come up with a new character to fit into something I could easily slip into and play closer to my own personality, so we decided to make Hizkiel. Originally Hizkiel was supposed to be rather reserved and goth, with black hair and a bit of an industrial/goth attitude, however, as I was going through my pics trying to find one that would suit the character, I found one that completely changed Hizkiel's personality. Cevin Key from Skinny Puppy (yeah, I am a huge Skinny Puppy fan...)
There was just something about that pic, I looked at it, originally going to maybe use Ogre for the pic, but there was just something about Key in the pic, he looked completely insane. Ogre looks as if he is about to simply fall apart from laughter (the pic is cut, Ogre's in there too) but Key just looks like he's completely out of his mind. Which is how Izzy became Cevin Key, only completely insane.
Bloody, muddy, and insane....
Mostly the bloody, with the broken nose and black eye, comes from this pic...
So between the two the red headed, dred locked, nuts, and somewhat sweetly innocent (with the tendency to give people things.... one of these days he may just give someone some blood splattered daisies) Hizkiel was born.

Izzy is fun because I can jump from really serious to comical to insane with in a split second. He can be a serious downer on a story if I don't keep him in check, he will bring down the mood if I don't let that silly-sweet innocent side out.
He's still growing, he's showing a little more lately... finding more of a playful side that's less deadly. And especially a confused side, where he shows his limitations in personality that he's desperately trying to overcome. Most recently he's learned to enjoy a guessing game of tastes... he began to really like that one. :)

Search Tags so stupid ads at least make sence

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Hizkiel of the Order of Powers

Hizkiel is a character for the RP Sygil

When Hizkiel enters the room, the door is shoved open with a force to nearly knock it off it's hinges. He stops just inside and looks around widly. He crosses the room, but doesn't sit down in the provided chair.
"I'm busy." He finally says. However, he doesn't move or leave, just looks off to his right for a moment. "He says I'm supposed to tell you about me.... What? Why would anyone want to know about me?"
A moment's pause, he finally sighs. "All right.. all right." He says. "I am Hizkiel, sword bearer to the Archangel Gabriel, they call me Izzy though. I protect him." His eyes narrow. "I don't suggest even trying a thing when I'm around." A crocked smile does come across his face. "But when I'm not doing that, I build things that blow things up." The smile quickly leaves almost as fast as it had come. He turns sharply on his heel. "I'm coming!" He yells out and strides across the room, slamming the door shut.

Izzys Character Sheet for Sygil

Character Name: Hizkiel

(Played by Sevrewynth)
Apparent age: between 25 and 35, depending on mood

Physical appearance: Red hair, grey eyes, black wings that will sometimes have a red overtone.

Male: Long (down to approximately the middle of his back) red hair that almost looks like dreadlocks, it's not quite dreadlocks, but he keeps it stiff and in clumps that somewhat resemble them. Thin, usually stands at 6'5". Always wears a black everything a trench coat, with a long sleeved t shirt on underneath (usually kind of tattered), cargo pants, and combat boots. Does the industrial/punk thing. Often times looks like he's just been beat up.
Female: Same hair, same height, in fact usually wears the cargo pants and combat boots as a female too. Only difference is she wears a tight, long sleeved stretch shirt and no coat. Never looks beat up, but she does the goth makeup, often times smeared. They tend to call her Izzy or more often Ki when she appears as a woman.

Angel of: Gabriel's standard bearer/sword bearer, chief aid (when Cassiel isn't doing it.)

Celestial Hierarchy: Powers

First impression: Comes off as quite insane. Mostly is quiet when around strangers but prone to suddenly start rambling on about odd subjects. Always has a wild look in the eyes. When around Gabriel, follows Gabriel like a shadow.

Hizkiel is slightly insane, but that is mainly because there's not much for him to do being all his duties are center on Gabriel. He will tell you (if he feels like it) it's an act, but who knows for sure. Since he hasn't much to do, his job is to come up with the 'toys' that He, Gabriel, and Uzziel play with (mostly involving things that explode or shoot, that they use Cassiel as a target for). He's constantly experimenting in putting things together that 'go boom'.


Izzy from Pandora Nyx

Name: Isabel

Aliases: Izzy

Appearance: 5'6" , long red hair (down past the middle of her back), pale and a bit undernourished, but you can tell she has done a lot of running around and getting exersize as she's not too thin. Gray eyes. In her early 20's (probably about 25) Usually wears a pair of old aviator goggles, like something from 1930, on top of her head, pushing the tangled hair out of her face. Always wears a tight stretchy long sleeved shirt and cargo pants, most of the time in black, and combat boots. She's rarely seen in anything else, but has a long trench coat for outside wear.

Status: Human... she's not wanted by the government... yet. She's Sorush's girl Friday,his assistant if you will... his sidekick.

Abilities: She's very good with a computer, though she has no implants, just a natural knack for it.

Special Abilities: None

Known Facts: She was orphaned during the war, both parents were in the military with hopes of their rather rebellious little daughter going into military service as well, they made sure she knew how to shoot and defend herself. Her parents were both killed sometime in the middle of the war started. Izzy has some mental issues, she's not entirely there, only a tad bit crazy, but enough to make people wary of her (sometimes down right fear her). This caused a bit of a problem with other people, she ended up being a social outcast, having difficulties finding a gang to run with. When the government started rebuilding, she made her decision to stay in the Zones rather than make an honest life because of her social outcast position... as well as having met Sorush. Sorush became a strange sort of 'father figure' to her, the two getting along very well that she wasn't about to give up her only friend. Since then, she 'stays' with Sorush (Sorush has a headquarters where he usually is, Izzy on the other hand is find, she's always out after something or just plain missing from sight) doing for him what he won't do for himself as well as being a bit of an assistant for him.

Personality: A tad bit crazy, but very loyal. She's wary of others at first but usually is quite friendly in her own way once she gets to know them better.

Weaknesses: Besides the usual of being at a want for food, the biggest weakness she has is her loyalty to Sorush. She'll risk anything for him.

Other: Nothing in particular, she's got no deep dark secrets or hidden past

Strength Level: 1 Average human

Quickness Level: 1 Average human

Endurance level :
2 Above average can take one bullet without stopping (two will stop)

Intelligence level :
2 Above average

Stamina levels : 1 Normal human stamina

Health level: 3 Peek (peek condition, as in rarely do you even get a cold)

Combat Levels

3 Advanced Skill: Knows how to use one weapon well one weapon is at skilled level

Weapon Specializations:
  • Guns (Main)
  • Knives (Secondary)


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